1. I’ve been checking my inbox lately, just to find out that people are actually buying songs, EP’s and albums on my music catalog via Bandcamp. 

    Super cool, eh? 

    In this age of digital piracy, moral ambiguity and intellectual laziness, people out there are still wiling to take a chance on buying and paying for good music. Some music consumers are even enthusiastic to pay more than the given price of an album/EP/song (e.g. one buyer, paid $5.00 for a regular $4 EP). They’ll even sometimes leave me a message of encouragement, telling me to continue in what I do, and then would express a word of gratitude or two. Even physical copies of my new EP, “Songs To Get You By” is selling pretty well, given in this crazy age where people just download stuff via torrents or play their favorite tunes on YouTube.

    I know that as an artist, it may not sound so appealing for one to talk about such things. Most of the time, people would expect artists like us to be just nonchalant about it, acting all snooty-like as if we’ve expected such an occurrence to happen. But hey: the age of rock stars is already dead. The good old days of excess and unbridled fun that goes with being a musician are already dead and gone (not that I have ever dreamed of living such a life, in fact, far from it). 

    From a business stand point - as a musician who sells his own music - it gives me great joy and pleasure to see people coming over to my “shop” of sorts to try some of my products and material; songs and tunes that I strongly believe in, tunes that have made people get by and happy, and has inspired some folks to go on and just do their own thing. That just gives me a great sense of purpose and fulfillment right there. In fact, it can’t get any better than that.

    Thanks to everyone of you. Thank you for taking risks with me, for singing along, and for all of the love and support that you have given to me. You know who you are, folks. You surely know that we’ve only just begun.

    And for all them strangers and non-believers: here, come on over - the door is wide open and everybody is welcome. Feel free to try something new, and please, spoil yourself a bit and give new music a chance.

    'Cos, see, by the end of the day, all we have to do is to be ourselves. Anything contrary to that would a disservice to your nature. Don't let other people to tell you otherwise.

    Thanks for everything. I’ll see you all soon at the shows. 

    Peace Love Music & Respect! The Good Lord is, indeed, faithful!

    Mabuhay tayong lahat! Maraming salamat po!  - MAYO 4/3/2014

    Take a chance - give new music a try:

    Buy music via credit card & PayPal here: http://mayobaluyut.bandcamp.com/

    Follow the music and other artistic endeavors, right here:

  2. For the cool cats, the renegades, sore thumbs, losers, winners, outcasts, gospel preachers, planet shakers, rebels and everyone in between - cheers to us! 




  4. Awesome! Someone’s enjoying the new EP,#SongsToGetYouBy: a perfect companion for any activity in your life - whether in school, work, household chores, personal reflections, etc. Yup. These songs will get you by.  ¦ Stocks are running out fast! Grab your copy now! (Pre-order now: 09175179552, iam_mayo@yahoo.com or PM me at my FB account or at http://facebook.com/themayomusic. Shipping cost included for long distance delivery). Thanks guys for your enthusiasm and support! Peace Love & Music!  - Mayo #MayoNewMusic #NewEP #rocknroll #OPM#indieartist #folkrock #happysongs #thankyou#thankyouLord #DIY #Gospel #Blues


  5. Last Saturday night at Route 196. I really dig the place, sobrang at home ako rito. Salamat! (Regram from @route196rocks IG account). #gig #Music#SongsToGetYouBy http://facebook.com/themayomusic


  6. Catching up last Saturday w/ good ol’ bandmate, Lui Rodriguez, and the cool host for the night at @route196rocks, Jugs Jugueta. #postgig


  7. It was great watching the @itchyworms live again after 3 long years. These guys still have it and are better than ever, *eherm*, after all this time.  They are definitely one of the country’s tightest, funniest and most entertaining bands around. Thanks for last Saturday, @jugsjugsjugs @itchyjazz @chinosingson @itchykel! Mabuhay kayo! 


  8. Back in the comforting lights of the great Unknown.


  9. Calm before the storm.


  10. Tuning my guitar, 10 mins. before the alloted set. (Photo by Kristine). #March1 #gig #music #route196

  11. Last Saturday night at @route196rocks. Thank you, @itchyworms team and to everybody that night! Super fun! Salamat!  http://facebook.com/themayomusic#gig #music #indie #rocknroll #folk #MayoNewMusic#SongsToGetYouBy 

  12. Banapple Banoffee Pie on a Saturday night, just before the gig. Thanks, Kristine, for joining me!  #pregig#Banapple #sugarrush #kapePa #ayos 


  13. Tonight at @route196rocks Katipunan, QC: @itchyworms @mayobaluyut & Halik Ni Gringo w/ Kettle Mata. P150 entrance. Fun + music + CD’s for sale + drinks + more. Ok! See you there!  #music #gig#OPM #rocknroll #bands (Regram from @jugsjugsjugs IG account). ¦ http://facebook.com/themayomusic


  14. For some inexplicable reason, Brown Sugar and Yogurt decided to join me for a bike ride. In the entire subdivision. Yes. Haha. These dogs must really love me. Thank you, Lord, for giving me such cool buddies.#dogs #ilovedogs #bestbuddies #bikeridefun

  15. Assembling CD packages of the new EP,#SongsToGetYouBy, by hand with Kristine. Thanks, love!  #LimitedCopies #MayoNewMusic #Indie#Music #DIY #rocknroll ¦ http://facebook.com/themayomusic